What is this?

The world is awash with blogs. What distinguishes this from the rest is simple: this one is mine.

Who am I?

Every house I’ve lived in lies within a 50km diameter circle, centered somewhere South of Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve recently purchased a house, with my wife, that lies barely 15 minutes from the house I grew up in. I don’t know what the opposite of wanderlust is, but I have a serious case of that. I like to stay places and do things there. I spent the majority of my work life in construction, went and got a computer science degree, and now I’m a mobile software developer aspiring to be a farmer.


My hopes for this blog are to chronicle my experience moving from “regular” life to one that gradually approaches self sufficiency. It’s not a new ambition, but there seems to be a pretty serious lack of rigour when it comes to the whole process. This will serve as a home for various project ideas, experiences, and experiments. The first step has been taken, my girlfriend and I purchased a house with land (well, I guess technically the bank purchased it, but we helped and that’s what counts) and we’re moving out.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. tobymurray Post author

      Seems like keeping a blog has fallen off Cailyn’s radar! I’ll remove the reference.

      There are ads because I’m using the WordPress.com (the hosted platform) rather than self-hosting. The “price” for doing so is they inject ads into your content.


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