Incubator project

Incubator build: Part 0 – Introduction

I want to build an incubator for chicken/duck/general fowl eggs. More than that, I want to actually finish the project (hatch out birds) AND I want the incubator to not suck. All 3 of these goals are particularly challenging for me, as I tend to lose interest in a project once it’s ~80% complete and […]

Incubator build: Part 1 – Warm a tub

Circa early 2018, I was able to stitch together enough Arduino example code to get an ESP32 program that did the following: connected to Wi-Fi set the time via NTP read two DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor publish temperature, humidity, and time of the reading over MQTT toggle a pin when heat got hotter than a threshold, […]

Incubator build: Part 2 – hardware AND software issues

I had successfully (maybe with an asterisk or two) kept a plastic tub roughly at a stable temperature. On to plastic tub v2! This is getting into mid-2018, and I’m starting to have a rough sense of things but for the most part I don’t know anything. Still using an ESP8266 and still using the […]

Incubator build: Part 3 – build something

With the particularly sketchy parts of both the hardware and software “figured out”, I was now ready to actually build something that might some day hold eggs. Mostly this consisted of leaning together some spare materials I found, with just enough tape and fasteners to keep it from falling over. The BOM for this is: […]