18 – 2KozTYG

Excuse the dirt and the dog hair… This is 975 and 1025. Admittedly I stopped the 1025 side because the extruder jammed and it wasn’t getting any better. While it’d be silly to set the z-offset so close that filament can’t come out, the 975 is a tiny bit more subtle. It’s actually _more_ smooth than the previous 925 side, the filament diameter is more consistent along the path (whereas the 925 was blob then thin then blob). It’s much less consistent in terms of layer thickness though. You can see, for example, the two or three lines that go through the bottom of the 7 and the top of the 5 – they’re _super_ thin to the point of almost not being there. Additionally in the bottom right corner you can see the quick back and forth movement overlapping and creating ridges.

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