Battery Removal – a Visual Journey

This part I found to be kind of dull. The only thing to be super, super, super aware of is the orange plug. Essentially, you shouldn’t even talk about the battery, let alone look at it, until the service plug is removed. If you don’t know what the service plug is, don’t even begin to think this is doable until you’ve researched more.

I just followed this really awesome video:

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It took me about two hours total, I don’t have a little impact drill, so I did everything by hand with a socket set. It could be done very easily for a first timer in under an hour, there isn’t anything particularly difficult about it. The battery itself is pretty heavy (under 100 pounds/45 kg), so doable by yourself (I did) but probably a better idea to get a hand, as the casing is sharp enough metal. All in all, straightforward and uneventful.

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