Shopping List – Battery Module

I mentioned earlier that I bought everything ASAP, as most of the items take a bit to ship.

The modules are pretty straightforward, as much as buying anything off of eBay ever is. I searched around for a bit, found a seller with a good reputation, and bought 2 – I only needed one, but I didn’t want to wait again if I found a second one was dead or I somehow managed to kill one.


They aren’t cheap at ~65$ each after exchange rate and shipping, but they’re cheaper than a new car. As I understand there’s a significant market for batteries that come from vehicles that were written off after an accident or just reached their end of life. Not a lot of people are willing to fix them, so they just get recycled or scrapped. I’m sure that will be a booming business in the next ~10 years. If you’re looking to make some money, maybe partner with a mechanic and fix hybrid/electric car batteries. There’s a small fortune to be made there, and no one remotely local who’s offering the service.


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