Xplornet modem default credentials

Default username: admin
Default password: xplornet4g
Default IP:

Occasionally it seems appropriate to reboot the Xplornet modem. Whether it’s because it’s actually required or the Internet connection is so poor that you’re flailing for something to do to try and fix it, it’s marginally more convenient to restart remotely than going and unplugging it.

Xplornet tends to install their equipment with a default configuration, including default credentials. Note that if you muck with the settings, you could easily cause yourself to lose your Internet connection and need a service call to repair it.


4 thoughts on “Xplornet modem default credentials

    1. tobymurray Post author

      That’s a good question, and also kind of horrifying. It seems like I do have a WAN address, and my modem is accessible over that address.

      With the WAN and the default credentials on this page, anyone on the Internet can muck with my Internet service.

      Edit: Looking it up, the WAN address I see is part of the IPv4 shared address space. I’m not really sure of the implications of that, on its surface it’s surprising to me that I can navigate to it.

      It looks like it’s exactly as it seems. Looking on Shodan, I can trivially find other Xplornet modems that are accessible remotely with the same username and password. Something about that doesn’t seem right…

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  2. Dennis Muller

    There appears to be another device between this and my xplornet hub 2.0 addressed This address pulls up another login prompt much like my xplornet 2.0 hub. Any ideas on default credentials or where this device is in my setup? Trying to port forward TCP 44158.


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