“Windows” key doesn’t work on Advantage2 Keyboard

I very recently got a Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard. Needless to say, it’s different than the bog standard keyboard I was using before. My initial excitement was dampened slightly because when I plugged it into my desktop the Windows key (“super” key) didn’t work. Specifically, in Ubuntu it did not launch Dash.

Windows key! Or super key, if you prefer

A 40-page manual later:

great success!

Standard disclaimer about no guarantees this will work, but distilled down to the crucial steps:

  1. Hold the progm + shift + Esc and you should see the 4 lights in the middle flashing, then release the keys
  2. Hold the progm + F1 key to mount the keyboard as a USB drive
  3. Open the drive up, mine was called “ADVANTAGE2”
  4. Open the active directory
  5. Open the text file which has a name that corresponds to the layout you use, qwerty.txt for me
  6. Using the “Location tokens” (that’s what the manual calls them), remap the “Right Windows Button” to “Left Windows Button”. The file should look like:
  1. Save the file
  2. Eject the volume
  3. take the Windows key for a test drive!

3 thoughts on ““Windows” key doesn’t work on Advantage2 Keyboard

  1. Lukas

    Thanks so much for this! Was desperately trying to figure out what was going on. (This works for Arch Linux as well for anyone reading this who ios wondering).


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