Starting the real work


Remember all the safety that was achieved by removing the safety plug? That starts to go out the window. All of the batteries are in series, so it’s extremely possible to complete the circuit by grabbing two contacts at the same time. On the plus side, it’ll probably be fewer of the modules so it’ll be less deadly, but still not a good time. The practice of only using one hand – touching only one “thing” at a time – is a good practice here. Until the batteries are disconnected from each other, this is dangerous.

This step is pretty straightforward, so it goes quick. Get a socket, take all the nuts off, call it a day.

Battery naked

Battery under its protective sheathing


Peeling off the plastic cover that protects the bus bar


Everything being shown off


Close up of the plastic housing for the wiring, the bus bar, and the battery terminals


The black cover shows hides how the safety plug works – it breaks the circuit instead of having the bus bar be continuous. I’m not sure why it’s close to the middle of the pack though…


Take off all the nuts that hold the plate against the battery terminals


About as naked as it gets!




2 thoughts on “Starting the real work

  1. fkat

    I enjoyed reading your saga here. Just curious, are you the original owner and are these pictures of your battery? The battery modules and orange bus bar harness have black markers on the sides. I wasn’t sure if these are from factory like that or someone had swapped modules before you.

    1. tobymurray Post author

      Thanks! I am not the original owner of the vehicle, but I owned it for most of its life. I am pretty confident (just based on odds) that the battery has not been rebuilt, as effectively no one was doing that when I purchased it and I got it at ~3 or 4 years old. Barring some manufacturing defect, there’d be no reason to replace battery modules that soon.

      I don’t think I noticed those black marks on the sides – I assume this was from the factory. It was long enough ago now that I don’t recall if those specific modules had anything notable about them, I think I posted the performance numbers I got from them at the time so might be able to pick out something there?


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